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Now Accepting Consignments for our Upcoming Auctions

Michaan's Auctions is currently accepting consignments for our monthly Estate Auctions and Winter Auctions. We are looking for quality fine art, American and European furniture and decorative arts, Asian works of art, fine jewelry and timepieces. We handle single items as well as entire collections and estates. With exceptional prices achieved for art, antiques and collectibles, Michaan's is committed to our client's success while providing exceptional customer service.You will notice listed on this page our specialists who can assist you with a variety of pieces, from fine art, Asian art, to coins, stamps, furniture, jewelry, timepieces and more. Michaan's Auctions offers you the benefit of our experience and international reputation as the West Coast auction house of choice.

How Does Consignment Work?

When consigning property the seller retains ownership until the sale of the item(s) at auction. When property is consigned to auction, the expertise of our specialists and professional staff is devoted to helping you achieve an outstanding price at auction. This is accomplished in many different ways: direct mail marketing, Michaan's email notification, LiveAuctioneers email notification and advertising in local publications and trade papers. As you can see, Michaan's Auctions utilizes a mix of traditional and technology-focused marketing and advertising to reach your target audiences. We also publicize our auctions on social media. You can be assured that art and antiques enthusiasts around the world will have the opportunity to review our calendar and become aware of all of our auctions.

Each client receives a signed contract stating our conditions of sale, commission rates and fees.

For our services Michaan's Auctions will retain a sellers commission on the final hammer price of each lot sold at auction, calculated as follows:

  • 10% of all individual auction lots selling above $7001
  • 15% of all individual auction lots selling between $3501 - $7000
  • 20% of all individual auction lots selling between $1001 - $3500
  • 25% of all individual auction lots selling between $201 - $1000
  • 35% of all individual auction lots selling between $1 - $200

After you consign you will receive a listing of the property we have received which includes a full description and estimated price range. If your property is scheduled for an Estate or Fine Auction detailed photographs will be taken of the item and posted on our website, www.michaans.com and www.liveauctioneers.com and in our printed catalogs. As a courtesy Michaan's Auctions does not charge photography fees. Also, if a lot does not sell, we will not charge the consignor insurance or a buy-in fee to take the item back.

Ready to consign your pieces with us? Please contact the appropriate specialist on this page who will be happy to assist you.


Asian Art
Harry Huang
Kim Jee
Coins, Stamps and Ephemera
Michael Rosenberg
Fine Art
Susan Paffrath
Kyrah Reddey
(510) 227-2519
Furniture and Decorative Arts
Elizabeth Dalton
Katie O'Connell
Jewelry and Timepieces
Rhonda Harness
Elise Coronado


February Estate Auction
Property Deadline: January 14, 2016
March Estate Auction
Property Deadline: February 12, 2016
April Estate Auction
Property Deadline: March 11, 2016
May Estate Auction
Property Deadline: April 8, 2016
Fine Art, Furniture, Decorative Arts and Jewelry Auction
Property Deadline: April 8, 2016
Fine Asian Works of Art
Property Deadline: April 15, 2016
June Estate Auction
Property Deadline: May 13, 2016