May 2011 Estate Auction
May Estate Auction
featuring Fine Art, Asian Art, Jewelry and Decorative Arts
Sunday, May 1, 2011, 10am
Main Gallery, 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA
Driving Directions
Friday, April 29, 10am - 5pm
Saturday, April 30, 10am - 5pm
Day of sale, beginning at 9am
& by appointment

Our May Estate Auction will be offering a wide range of property from estates, private collections and institutions throughout the West Coast. Jewelry will highlight antique and period pieces, wrist and pocket watches, natural jadeite jade and fine diamonds; Fine Art has a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphics; Asian Art will be showcasing fine ivory and jade carvings, porcelains, bronzes, glassware, scrolls and textiles and the Furniture and Decorative Arts section of this sale offers silver, rugs and carpets, glassware, porcelains, figurines and American and European furniture.

Artist Listing: G. L. Waring, Hans Alexander Muller, Alexej Alexejewitsch, Jesse Allen, Adrian Allinson, Karel Appel, Ettore Ascenzi, Elyse Ashe Lord, Stanley L. Baker, Carl Barks, Pat Bostrom, Ernest Bradfield Freed, Curt Bruckner, Charles H H Burleigh, Gian Carlo Polidoori, Bruno Caruso, Julio de Diego, Nora Drummond, Alphonse Emile Sondag, William A. Eskey, Luther Evans de Joiner, Will Frates, Ernst Fuchs, Goerge Gach, Paul Gauguin, Ed Gilliam, Johnny Gotthard Friedlander, G. Guardabassi, Hans Gustav Burkhardt, Betty Guy, Michael Hafftka, James Holland, Ernest Hubert Denes, B. Hulce, Clementine Hunter, Roy Johnson, Kaminski, Yosho Kanamori, Rockwell Kent, Wiffredo Lam, G Lampert, Ger Langeweg, Luigi Lanza, Marie Laurencin, F. Leray, Ted Lewy, Sister Maria Louisa, Maria Luisa Pacheco, Robert R. Malone, James March Phillips, Alexis Matthew Podchernikoff, L. Mayer, Lou Messa, Ernesto Migotti, Keiko Minami, Ed Moses, Francois Nakayama, Hermann Ottomar, Donn P Crane, Maxfield Parrish, Lazzaro Pasini, Pablo Picasso, Raymond Poulin, Anton Refregier, Frederic Remington, Donald Roller Wilson, J. Rook, Georges Rouault, Tom Sander, F. Schefer, Jack Schultz, Edwin C. Siegfried, M. Soutine, Eric Spencer Macky, Elmer Stanhope, A.L. Terni, Elliot Torrey, John H Tyson, Franz van Severdonck, Robert Vavra, Harry Wagoner, Abraham Walkowitz, Alfred Walter Williams, Charles Ware, G. L. Waring, Wella, Norton Widsom, Ulfert S. Wilke, Stanley William Hayter, John Wright Oaks, Taro Yamamoto, Benigno Yamero Ruiz, Franz Zadrazil, A. Petrucelli, Associazione Musicale Valentino Bucchi and Lorenzo Homar y Rafael Tufino.

  • 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA 94501
  • (800) 380-9822