July Estate Auction
Sunday, July 1, 2012, 10am
Main Gallery, 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA
Driving Directions
Friday, June 29, 10am - 5pm
Saturday, June 30, 10am - 5pm
Day of sale, beginning at 9am
& by appointment

Our July Estate Auction will be offering a wide range of property from estates, private collections and institutions throughout the West Coast. Jewelry will highlight antique and period pieces, wrist and pocket watches, natural jadeite jade and fine diamonds; Fine Art has a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphics; Asian Art will be showcasing fine jade carvings, porcelains, bronzes, glassware, scrolls and textiles and the Furniture and Decorative Arts section of this sale offers silver, rugs and carpets, glassware, porcelains, figurines and American and European furniture.

Artist Listing: American School, J Anderson, Anonymous Limner, George Armfield, John Taylor Arms, Gustav Arnolt, Ruth Asawa, Jack Baker, Ludwig Bang, Behrend, Gerard Belanger, Thomas Hart Benton, H Bergohse, Rober Bezombes, Jyoti Bhatt, Isidore Bonheur, Francois Boucher, Mildred Brooks, Joe Brotherton, Edward Burne-Jones, Victor Casenelli, Marc Chagall, Philip Cheney, Ida Coates, James Coignard, Continental School, William Coutler, Edward Curtis, Salvador Dali, Aime Dalou, Robert Dash, Richard Detreville, Bernard Direxit, L Dories, Ole Due, Dunn, Victoria Ehm, Josef Eidenberger, Jade Fon, Christopher Foster, Elisabetta Franchini, Franklin, Nemi Frost, Charles Fuhrman, R Garshol, Oronzo Gasparo, Luke Gibney, James Gillray, Paul Grimm, Nels Hagerup, W Hanney, Noriko Hasegawa, Childe Hassam, David Hatfield, George Hays, Glenn Hirsch, George Hunt, Frank Hutchens, Amedee Joullin, Angelica Kauffmann, Mark King, Paul Koehler, Paul Landacre, Achille Lauge, William Lemos, Leone, Carlos Licon, Herschel Logan, Robert MacGinnis, Marlys Mallet, Vicente Manansala, Manner of Zhou Brothers, Peter Max, Francisco McBride, D Micheal McCarthy, Todd McKie, Jean Miller, K Mills, Joan Miro, John Morris, Robert Motherwell, Dennis Mukai, LeRoy Neiman, Keibun Ohta, Max Papart, Robert Perrin, Pesl, H Peters, Pablo Picasso, Alexis Podchernikoff, Miklos Pogany, Johan Reinprecht, Pierre Renoir, Juan Romero, Harriet Roudebush, Nathan Rowley, J Royer, Ramon Santiago, Caspar Scheuren, J Schimdt, Hector Serbaroli, Guy Shorey, James Siebert, Edith Sowersby, Juliette Steele, Lloyd Strathearn, James Strombotne, Simon Switzar, Rufino Tamayo, Bil Thibodeau, Wayne Thiebaud, Charles Tracy, Tunison, Valles, Carle Vernet, Javier Vilato, Alexander Von Rappard, Walker, Andy Warhol, Warner Brothers, Thomas Whitcombe, Robert Wyland, John Young, Jack Zajac, & Giuseppe Zocchi.

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