August Estate Auction
Sunday, August 5, 2012, 10am
Main Gallery, 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA
Driving Directions
Friday, August 3, 12pm - 5pm
Saturday, August 4, 10am - 5pm
Day of sale, beginning at 9am
& by appointment

Our August Estate Auction will be offering a wide range of property from estates, private collections and institutions throughout the West Coast. Jewelry will highlight antique and period pieces, wrist and pocket watches, natural jadeite jade and fine diamonds; Fine Art has a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphics; Asian Art will be showcasing fine jade carvings, porcelains, bronzes, glassware, scrolls and textiles and the Furniture and Decorative Arts section of this sale offers silver, rugs and carpets, glassware, porcelains, figurines, a nice selection of US gold and silver coins and American and European furniture.

Artist Listing: American School, (Style of) Donald Barton, Carl Schmidt, Frederick Smith, Bernard Kretzschmar, Frank Wiliam Cuprien, Luther Evans De Joiner, Clifford Holmes, R. Brownell McGrew, Francisco Goya, Laura Jarnefelt, (After) Giovanni Battista Sassoferrato, Wallace Nutting, Anna Ticho, Robert Joseph Martin, Sarron, Paul Clemens, Lawrence Hosmer, Guillaume Azoulay, E. John Robinson, Hunt, Alfred William Strutt, Charlotte Britton, Alois Lunzer, William John Whittemore, Robert Motherwell, LeRoy Neiman, Micheal Bowen, (Attributed to) John Fery, Lajos Csillaghi, Otto Schimidt Hofer, (After) William Hogarth, (After) Edward Curtis, Isidore Jules Bonheur, Ruth Asawa, Riobert Owen, (After) Prideeaux Selby, Steven O'Donnell Scott, Ellwood Graham, Loran Speck, Aldo Luongo, Helen Hyde, Harry Curieux Adamson, Continental School, James Stoval, Ben Ganz, Arthur William Best, Boris Schatz, Maria Judson Strean, Lloyd Manford Herfindahl, Percival De Luce, Alphonso Herman Broad, Charles Low, Beatrice Parsons, Emo Mazzetti, Mexican School, Kaoru Kawano, Kiyoshi Saito, Fritz Scholder, Toshi Yoshida, Joshim Kakegamic, (After) Pablo Picasso, Lord Frederick Leighton, Roelof Dozeman, J. D. Castro, Lillie Kendall, (After) Carl Oscar Borg, J Van Delden, Barse Miller, William Clothier Watts, Ben Carre, Oscar Lange, Harold Gretzner, Hubert Buel, Dong Kingman, Manuel Valencia, Jules Mersfelder, Richard Yip, Laura Maxwell, Olaf Wieghorst, Jade Fon, Henry Bernahl, Enrico Tarenghi, Heinie Hartwig, Tokusaburo Kobayashi, Richard Haworth, Carolyn Burnett, Samuel Tilden Daken, Louis Tedesco, (After) Edward Weston, Theo Tobiasse, Dale (Dalia) Messick, Joan Miro, Theodor Allesch-Alescha, Moses Soyer, Ira Moskowitz, Gene Kloss, Richard Green, John Englehardt, Raphael Soyer, Yozo Hamaguchi, Peter Krasnow, Harry Sutton Palmer, Sidney Goodwin, Walter Fryer Stocks, Darwin Musselman, Victor Vasarely, Itzchak Tarkay, Jonathon Zutter, David Burliuk, William Trost Richards, George Nelson, Maholy Nagy, (Attributed to) Horatio Poole, Emilio Grau Sala, Christian Von Schneidau, Frank Montague Moore, Sam Harris, Paul Maxwell, P. Fortunato, Paul Poiret, Carlos Garay, Lain Singh Bangdel, Jose Antonio Velasquez, Arriola, Slava Brodinsky, Jiali Yu, Clifford Silsby, Matille Prigge Seaman, Juanita Storch, Roger Moulton Upton, A.D.M. Cooper, French School, & (Attributed to) Montague Dawson.

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