January Estate Auction
Sunday, January 6, 2013 10am
Main Gallery, 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA
Driving Directions
Friday, January 4, 12pm - 5pm
Saturday, January 5, 10am - 5pm
Day of sale, beginning at 9am
& by appointment

Our January Estate Auction will be offering a wide range of property from estates, private collections and institutions throughout the West Coast. Jewelry will highlight antique and period pieces, wrist and pocket watches, natural jadeite jade and fine diamonds; Fine Art has a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphics; Asian Art will be showcasing fine jade carvings, porcelains, bronzes, glassware, scrolls and textiles and the Furniture and Decorative Arts section of this sale offers silver, rugs and carpets, glassware, porcelains, figurines and American and European furniture.

Artist Listing: Jesse Allen, Harold Altman, American School, William Weaver Armstrong, Johan Asp, Guillaume Azoulay, Judith Azur, Jack Baker, Harold Beder, (After) George Braun, Squeak Carnwath, L Cassidy, Nora Chaese, Alice Brown Chittenden, T Clement, Mitchell Confer, Continental School, Pascal Cucaro, Imogen Cunningham, Frank William Cuprien, Edward Curtis, Salvador Dali, Kent Davis, Paul De Longpre, Gary Francis Dickens, D Dines, Stevan Dohanos, Susan Dysinger, Harry Eliott, Thomas E Eloby II, Sarkis Daltzar Erganian, G Facciola, Frank Gallo, George Howell Gay, Charles Gilhousen, Percy Gray, Grace Griffith, Helen Hagerman, Nels Hagerup, Anna Hills, (After) Hendrick Hulsberg, K Hwang, F L James, Doug Jones, Luigi Kasimir, Richmond Irwin Kelsey, Dong Kingman, Constantine Kluge, Masood Kohari, Gregory Kondos, (After) John La Farge, Walter Lantz, Irma Lapiez, John Lennon, Esther Lew, Josephine Liddell, Hung Liu, Madeline & Robert Longstreet, Lozzio, William Westley Manning, Jean Masson, Max, Peter Iris Miller, Helen Minot, Joan Miro, Arthur Ness, Cauke Onasch, Deborah Oropallo, Cynthia Packard, (After) Pablo Picasso, Carl Redin, (After) Frederic Remington, Ramon Santiago, Louise Schatz, Alice Scott, Arthur Secunda, H Alvin Sharpe, Christopher Webb Smith, Enrico Tarenghi, (After) Robert John Thornton, Jiang Tie-Feing, James J J Tissot, Valenti. (After) Rembrandt Van Rijn, Varieri, Gustav Vermehren, Jean Vinay, Richard Ellis Wagner, John Cother Webb, Fritz Werner, Carl Werntz, James Whistler, Baron Wolman, Sydney Janis Yard, and Jack Zajac.

  • 2751 Todd Street, Alameda, CA 94501
  • (800) 380-9822